Patient Portal

Patients can access their medical information via the patient portal app
Patient Portal

Manage Your Healthcare

Through our free patient portal, you can record, manage, and monitor your own and your family’s healthcare information.

Access My Patient Portal

The Patient Portal (also known as Personal Health Record or PHR) empowers users to stay informed about their healthcare. By accessing the doctor’s website and using the PHR feature, you can access your past and current health records in a secure and user-friendly environment. PHR also gives you the ability to record, track and store your important health information at your convenience.

Register today for informed and preventive healthcare. The online scheduling feature in PHR provides you a high level of care by shortening your registration and wait time, eliminating exhaustion due to travel, and saving valuable time and money. Health records, including assessments, medications, allergies, immunizations and procedures, are all recorded and maintained in the PHR. PHR also equips you with the capability to interact with your doctor; access your lab reports from the comfort of your home, along with your physician’s comments about your test results.

Online Patient Portal Help

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