Photograph close up of foot while taking an x-ray
In-house digital imaging at at Shoal Creek Foot & Ankle Center

Physicians rely on digital imaging and radiology to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis. Shoal Creek Foot & Ankle Center utilizes state-of-the-art X-ray technology specifically designed for podiatric medicine. Our high-frequency digital X-ray is designed for superior image quality and convenient patient positioning.

What Happens During An X-Ray?

X-rays involve exposing a part of the body to a small dose of radiation to produce pictures of t he inside of the body. A Medical Assistant will have you stand on the x-ray platform, lining up your foot between the X-ray machine and detector panel. You will be asked to hold still while the image is taken. The Medical Assistant will repeat this process several times to take addition images from different angles. Following the procedure, your Podiatrist will review the images with you in your exam room.

Why Weightbearing X-Rays?

Weightbearing – or standing – X-rays are the standard for assessing foot and ankle conditions. This is because bone and joint alignment in the feet change when a person stands upright versus when they lie down. The images are used to diagnose fractures, dislocations, midfoot injuries, bunions, flat feet, sprains, arthritis, Diabetic related conditions, and other conditions. The images are also used by surgeons, assuring a higher rate of accuracy when screws, plates, and replacement joints are placed inside the foot.