Keep Your Young Athlete’s Feet Safe

Basketball on Wooden Court Floor Close Up with Blurred Players Playing Basketball Game in the Background.

The doctors at Shoal Creek Foot & Ankle Season are seeing an increase of sports injuries in children. Basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball are sports likely to lead to sprains, broken bones, and other issues. Here are five tips to keep your child in the game this season:

  • Always treat foot and ankle injuries immediately. What seems like a sprain isn’t always a sprain. Aside from ligament injuries, your athlete might have injured bones or cartilage without knowing it. Make an appointment with our office for proper treatment if you think your child has a foot or ankle injury. Failure to treat injuries properly and promptly can lead to long-term instability or arthritis later in life.
  • Have old sprains checked before the season starts. The podiatrists at Shoal Creek Foot & Ankle Center can tell whether a previous injury might be vulnerable to sprains and when an old injury may benefit from wearing a brace or other support during the season.
  • Start each sports season with new, properly fitted shoes. Old shoes wear down over time and become uneven on the bottom, especially for athletes during a busy season. When a shoe cannot lie flat, the ankle will tilt, increasing the risk of sprains and strains.
  • Always encourage athletes to stretch and warm up before practice or games. Calf stretches and light jogging help warm up ligaments, muscles, tendons, and blood vessels reducing the risk for foot and ankle injuries.

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